September 19, 2017
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There is something so beautiful about a delicate blouse. The romantic essence of it allows you to pair it with most any other counterpart.  I love moments of style where you are transported to the woman you want to become! You know that one that you almost feel can't ever be reached.

I believe there is beauty in all women to share with the world and our highest and most authentic self is always calling us to jump in line with her. For me, putting on the right outfit makes me delighted!

Dressing the way you want to feel is essential to knowing yourself!

I believe clothes are an expression of ourselves.  I've given myself three words to inspire my style. Shopping has become less overwhelming as these three words run through my mind. Classic, timeless and chic. I don't always get it right. I allow grace towards myself on the days when my words are more like; frazzled, frumpy and please take a shower!   Our "ideal" self is an idea of our potential! Evolving to a new version of ourselves comes with many mistakes, triumphs, pain, and joy.  But it is worth it, wouldn't you agree? So at the crossroads between frumpy and classic, I give myself permission to do my best at dressing the body I am gifted in the way that suits me best. My hope for you is that you'd feel confident in your own skin right now!

Classic, Timeless, & Chic

Do you know what your three "ideal" style words are?

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