Camel & Navy Blue

January 17, 2018
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To dress well for me means first deciding what it is I'm trying to express. I’m on a style journey that has lead me to be super selective in what I bring into my closet. I’ve rounded up a few words that I wanted my style to describe me; timeless, chic and elegant. I invite you to dream about what few words you want to embody on your quest to unique style.

Give yourself permission to not follow trends or fast fashion for the sake of “fitting” in, but rather ask yourself what colors and even color combinations you crush over when you see them on others. Then build your wardrobe around those things. Getting dressed in the morning will never be simpler and more fun than when you're being true to self!


Classic, Timeless, & Chic

Do you know what your three "ideal" style words are?

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