5 Brands Perfectly Fuse Tech, Fashion & Beauty

July 7, 2017
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Amber Aaron | Fashion Blogger

More than likely, you’re reading this article on a device that you can hold in your hand, allowing access to the digital world with a data plan or Wi-Fi connection. We can bring fashion to us at any given moment—aspects of the industry once available to very few. Have you ever been to New York Fashion Week? Now you don't need to. Your favorite designers stream live right from their shows, granting everyday consumers first access to the latest fashion. We already know that 3D printing our wardrobes is in the foreseeable future, until then, here are five brands that are making our shopping experiences a little easier via evolving technology.


#1 – Asos

U.K. based online retailer, ASOS, carries over 75,000 product lines across womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and beauty—introducing 3,000 new product lines weekly. What provides ASOS a competitive edge is the video option to view their shoes and apparel on a runway prior to purchase.

The company considers themselves “a place where fashion and technology make perfect partners,” and markets strategically with their website targeting consumers in the U.K., U.S., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Australia, and China—including shipping to 240 countries.

#2 – CurlBOX

CurlBOX – is an affordable, exclusive (invite only) and effortless way to explore new natural hair care products. Quality hair care products are expensive, so what makes this service convenient is each month, members receive full-sized products allowing the opportunity to try several products for the price of one. Then, you can get online with the CurlBOX founder to discuss the current month’s box contents and reviews. Talk about accessibility + savings!

#3 – Poshmark

Poshmark  – allows users to shop the closets of women across the country and sell their own clothes. In less than 60 seconds, Poshers can snap a picture, add a detailed description, and watch how easy it can be to make money. Poshmark states that they’ve “built a community where [their] members can buy and sell with confidence and ease.” Shopping on Poshmark allows you to shop hundreds of thousands of closets for new and gently used fashion at up to 70 percent off retail—all from their app.

#4 – Joyus

Joyus – provides a video shopping experience to help consumers discover and buy products. Joyus considers themselves “a new breed of lifestyle company, aimed at helping you discover, shop and share the latest products and trends.” What makes this shopping experience different and convenient is that Joyus has recruited a team of fashion, beauty, health, and home experts to educate consumers on details of their potential purchases via video—allowing the entire shopping experience to happen on one site—right from your phone.

#5 – MatchCo

MatchCo – Creates makeup that is a perfect match for each woman’s unique complexion. The app scans your face, matches your skin tone and creates your perfect foundation shade. Customers then have the option to place an order for the shade created and have it shipped directly to them. No more testing multiple shades on the back of your hand and running the risk of selecting the wrong color.

The advancement of technology and how we use it to enhance our daily lives gives us more access more than ever before. And while most of it is, arguably, more beneficial than not, conducting life with our heads buried in our devices has alienated us more than ever before. Yes, stores and malls can be hectic, but nothing tops the need for or value of human interaction—will it be a challenge for us to maintain a balance?