Bye-Bye Winter Blahs: Everyday Makeup Trends to Brighten Your Style

February 8, 2016
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Say goodbye to your basic makeup routine and hello to a whole new season of fun looks. Who said you had to wait for summer to test out the latest beauty trends? Put away the demure basics and nude colors because your look is about to get bright and bold.


Matte Red LipsMatte Red Lips

Bold lips brightened the pout of many models this season in coral, fuchsia, and classic red. This trend harbored a fundamental, fresh update: matte texture as opposed to glossy sheen. So tuck the lip gloss away and introduce your lips to a bold new color. Keep your eyes and cheeks a natural hue and let your lips take center stage.




Mermaid Shadow

Not feeling the flat color lip trend? Try something shimmery - on your eyes. Swipe indigos and dark turquoise cream shadows over your lids. Don’t forget black mascara to finish this dramatic look. Focus on your eyes with natural lips and cheeks. How much shadow is too much? According to this season’s runways, the answer seems to depend on your style. Play it safe with a shimmer blue liner, or amp it up with a full mermaid-esque smoky eye.




Glitter Wink

Bat a flirty lash and wow ‘em with some glitter on your lid. Another fun way to play up your peepers this season: dab on glitter shadow. Not shimmer. Not shiny. All out, honest to goodness glitter. Look for a sparkle in natural metallic tones - like gold, silver, or bronze. For the full effect, let a few sparkles escape around your temples and cheeks. For a more demure approach, stick to glitter liner.




Innovate Eyeliner

Dots, dashes, or unexpected lines epitomize the looks this season in black. Avoid crazy colors when getting creative with lines.

*Try adding another line above your traditional cat eye for a confident and elegant look. Let dashed lines frame your lower lashes to flaunt your cute, flirtatious style.






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