About the Editor: Reyna Nicole Lee

ELOQUENT WOMAN Magazine® was founded by Reyna Nicole Lee, who gathered together a group of women to create a new fashion magazine. They published their first issue in November of 2011.

Ms. Lee graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from New York University and began studying for a Master's Degree in Communications at Regent University, where she produced short films, and a documentary.

After returning to California, Ms. Lee had a vision of a women's magazine. Her desire to personify the "ELOQUENT WOMAN", led her to put together elements which characterize each magazine.

Through style and elegance, Ms. Lee endeavors to combat the derogatory and sexually exploitative representation of women in the media and create a sense of value and positive imagery of beauty throughout the world.

"ELOQUENT WOMAN is for the lady of style and grace because beauty is more than skin deep."