Code of Ethics

At ELOQUENT WOMAN Magazine® we endeavor to change the culture of beauty, one magazine at a time. That’s why our team members and associates agree to the following code of ethics:

We Will Not:

  • Employ models under the age of 16 for fashion related content or imagery.
  • Publish paparazzi photographs of celebrity men or women to create demeaning or derogatory content including usage of degrading titles, headlines, or other article content.
  • Significantly alter or reshape the structure of a woman’s body utilizing computer-generated software.

We Will:

  • Feature real women with real curves in a positive and attractive light.
  • Feature positive stories of women as world changing heroines.
  • Feature stories of the best and most profound moments in a woman’s history to inspire readers like you.

“For the woman of style and grace.”

Finally, a magazine that cares for you.