Professional Pretty: Incorporating Feminine Charm Into the Workday Uniform

November 11, 2015
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by Sierra Donahue

Climbing the ladder in your field does not require ditching all feminine charm. Gone are the days when women needed to fit into a man’s uniform to succeed in top careers. Command respect and flaunt your girly side in the office by matching these basic balances.

Basic Uniform + Pastels

Stella McCartney refreshed classic pieces with shades of feminine pastels at the Paris Fashion Week. A polo shirt never looked so girly in baby blue with matching skirt. And a button up? But of course! With girly colors, we’re ready to twirl from cubicle to cubicle.

Structured Accessories + Figure Flattering Dress

Don’t be afraid to love your curves. Your figure can shine from 9 to 5 as well as on the weekends in a body conscious dress. Show that you still mean business by keeping sleeves long, and stick to one color pieces. Structured accessories leaning towards the architectural are the perfect decisive punctuation to such a feminine look. Think large wrist watches, basic heels or boots, and angular purses.

Simple Silhouettes + Details

A clean all-over color forms the perfect palette for whimsical details. Love touches of embroidery, smocking, and ruffles? Take a hint from Fendi’s style at the Milan Fashion Week and stick to one color basics with understated embellishments. When it comes to girly flare, it really is all in the details.

Dark Tones & Florals

Resist packing away your floral prints during the colder months. With the right backdrop, flowers can power right through the chilly seasons. Freshen up your office wardrobe by pairing floral patterned pieces with black counterparts; dark tights, shoes, jackets, and bags take the pattern from summer picnic to fall conference meeting. Stick to floral patterns with a dark or black backdrop, or with flowers of dark crimson, green, and magenta.

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