Gift ideas for sensitive skin: Natural cosmetics in a world of health hazards

November 30, 2015
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The largest organ in the body (not to mention the first line of the immune system’s defense) falls prey to constant slathering by many cosmetic products, from moisturizers and soaps to makeup and fragrances.
Your skin deserves respect, care, and consideration. Reading into the ingredients listed on skin care products is a necessary first step towards choosing healthy cosmetics.
Don’t know your phthalates from your parabens? Start by searching questionable products or individual ingredients in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, a free resource rating thousands of cosmetics on safety and health risks.
Below, the entrepreneurs behind three all natural cosmetic lines share their tips on keeping skin looking and feeling beautiful the healthy way.

Green Beauty Cosmetics


Green Beauty Cosmetics

“Ignorance is not your friend,” said Mati Fuller, owner of the natural cosmetics line Green Beauty Cosmetics. “It is your body, and your responsibility to take good care of yourself and to educate yourself.”

Fuller decided to combine her background in chemistry with her desire to help women age beautifully by creating a skin care line of completely natural products. She particularly noted a need in the cosmetic market for products aiding dry or mature skin.

“So many product lines are made for younger people with perfect skin,” said Fuller. “Dry or mature skin has different needs.”

Her homemade from scratch Green Beauty Cosmetics work to replenish the skin’s water supply and repair the lipid barrier of skin cells through oils, creams, and water-based serums.

Many of Fuller’s formulas capitalize upon a layering approach, including the popular Hyaluronic Acid Serum (which utilizes a vegan Hyaluronic acid). According to Fuller, layering skin care products helps meet the skin’s many needs and allows for specification to any skin type. Both the serum and Peptide Cream hydrate and tone skin with oils complimenting those naturally found in the skin.

The Soap Market

The Soap Market

A former science teacher, Stephanie Wallingford started developing her own cosmetics after her mother and grandmother were diagnosed with cancer. Her research led her to discover that most cosmetic products contain parabens and other cancer-related ingredients.

Wallingford decided to create her own products from all natural ingredients, and when friends caught wind of her safe, scrumptious products, The Soap Market was launched.

Handmade by Wallingford and her three daughters, the products are vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free. Originally solely a skin care line, the family-run business recently expanded to include natural hair care products.

“We want The Soap Market to be a one stop shop for all of your skin and hair care needs,” Wallingford said.

Wallingford stressed the importance of reading cosmetics’ ingredient labels and paying particular attention to any preservatives.

Besides the shop’s popular coconut milk and butter soaps, Wallingford particularly loves the Raspberry Lemonade Body Oil.

Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

Wildflower Beauty by Jessica was born out of immediate necessity. After trying dozens of supposedly “natural” high-end cosmetics to aid her severe skin allergies, Jessica Collins started making her own products from natural oils. It didn’t take long before others with similar skin sensitivities came to Collins with requests.

“I want to provide solutions to others that have skin trouble like I did, or to those who just want to live a cleaner lifestyle,” said Collins.

Collins found many popular cosmetics included ingredients which other countries had banned due to severe long term health detriments. And all those “natural” products she’d been throwing money towards? A product only requires one natural ingredient to stick “natural” on its label.

Wildflower Beauty by Jessica sells bath, body, skin, and hair care products in eco-friendly packaging and recycled containers. Every product is handmade from scratch by Collins, who recently just opened her first storefront location.

“The beauty of the product comes from the inside,” said Collins. “Don't be fooled by packaging, labels, or designer name brands. Read the ingredients and if you don't know what something is, definitely look it up, but that should be an immediate red flag. If you can't pronounce it, why is it there?”


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