About Us

“For the lady of style and grace.”

ELOQUENT WOMAN is a magazine for women with lady-like style and sophistication. Some describe us as prim and proper, we prefer the word poised. She is the quintessential role model, doing good deeds and changing the world for the better. Through her beauty and charm, she is the total embodiment of the word: DIVINE.

ELOQUENT WOMAN is dedicated to compassionate designers, brands, and retailers. As opposed to fast fashion which has created humanitarian crises all over the world, the ELOQUENT WOMAN is for the elegant and stylish woman who is full of grace.


We believe a new era in fashion deserves a new fashion magazine.


The ELOQUENT WOMAN is distinguished by her compassion. That is why our magazine is committed to aiding and improving the lives of women and children all over the world. Our magazine supports non-profit organizations which are dedicated to aiding victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.