Spring and Summer 2020 may look different than we imagined, but I believe, like many others, that creativity provides us with an antidote to fear and self-expression can be a powerful tool. No matter where your perspective may lie, one thing is clear, this season was destined to be one to remember from the very first collection.

With nods to the 70s, a resurgence of 90s tube tops, tie-up halters, and pinstripes, and even some earthy boho vibes, there was a significant amount of nostalgia present on the catwalk.

Outside of the homages to the past, was also a significant display of innovation, turning textured elements like netting and raffia into chic one-of-a-kind looks, and reworking garter elements into empowering suit pieces. Spring/Summer trends in fashion tend to rely less on following the “rules” and instead embody an unbridled sense freedoms. Mixing up the design game with full-bodied bold tropical prints, elegant silks, and wearable minty shades of green, the long-awaited emergence of resort wear took on new meaning. 

This year the runways revealed just how broad the playbook can be when it comes to spring and summer ready-to-wear!