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ELOQUENT WOMAN is a women’s online magazine born out of the desire to see more depth in women’s beauty and fashion magazines; to see women portrayed less as sex objects and more as elegant, intelligent, and socially-conscious beings. We put these elements together to create a complete look at the modern woman. A lady of style, eloquence, and compassionate.

Eloquence, by definition, is the ability to state your argument with power and grace. These two words effectively describe the eloquent woman.

OUR Mission

At ELOQUENT WOMAN Magazine® our goal is to inspire and empower women; to remind them that their true beauty lies from within. We feel this is a message that has been lost in the current generation and is in need of a resurgence.

The ELOQUENT WOMAN loves fashion, but she also cares about the humanitarian issues facing our world; she wants to hear from women who are contributing to the solution with a powerful and unique perspective to convey.

What we do:

–We publish stories about women in the fashion, art, and entertainment world who are doing extraordinary things to better our world.

–We feature beauty and skincare products with a more eco-conscious and holistic frame of mind. 

–In our fashion articles, we endeavor to include the average size woman in our issues; celebrating women who love their curves!

–We closely follow sustainability trends in the fashion industry to feature brands with responsibly-made and ethical clothing lines.

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ELOQUENT WOMAN magazine is committed to ending the sexual exploitation and enslavement of women and children…

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Currently ELOQUENT WOMAN publishes annually. Our immediate goal is to publish a quarterly magazine. With your help we can reach more people with inspiring style, beauty, and messages of value. 


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